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Funding Ragtag

Ragtag aims to be a sustainable social firm, employing as many disadvantaged people as we can, providing them with a living wage and an excellent working environment.

Ragtag is unique, both in what we can deliver, and in how we do that. Our funding partners past and present have recognised this, and we have received fantastic support over the years, which has meant we've been able to grow and develop in tune with our vision.

We do this by providing training and support and ultimately through employment whenever possible. We also aim to use environmentally sound methods and resources to help deliver the training and to produce high quality textile items which can be sold to generate income.

We're strengthening our identity with new branding, developing an exciting and unique collection of ethically sound products and widening our audience with social media, PR and a soon-to-be-announced series of workshops and masterclasses.

We're still remaining totally focussed on our primary purpose of providing an environment that supports and encourages the personal growth and development of vulnerable adults. We've come a long way since we started doing this in 2003, but there is a way to go yet before we reach our goal. If your organisation is interested in helping us, we'd be very keen to engage with you.

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