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The Ragtag Team

Our Busy Workshop

Gillian Soutter

For as long as I can remember I've always done sewing and knitting. I've made wedding and bridesmaid dresses, redesigned, reupholstered and refurbished hotel rooms, worked on the Hamish Mcbeth series as the sewing department, had my own underwear business, made many pieces of clothing, and endless alterations for folk in the village.

In 2009 I found myself volunteering for Rag Tag n' Textile at Balmacara. I loved it and met so many wonderful talented people. Some shared not only their skills, but life experiences too. In 2013 I took up the position of Tutor at Ragtag where I can pass on all my skills. It is truly a very rewarding job.

Sewing Machine

Anne Annan

I started volunteering for RagTag about 4 years ago up in Portree, from there I moved to Broadford and last year I was employed as a manufacturing assistant.

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts especially sewing and knitting so being able to work in this environment is just perfect for me.

Undressed Display

Sue Colbourne

Me and RagTag? I've been a student (after being referred by my GP suffering from depression), a volunteer, a shop assistant and now I'm employed as a manufacturing assistant.

RagTag has encouraged, nurtured and supported me as a person with mental health problems, and as an artist. May it continue to grow and to help many others.

Christmas Stockings

Beth Foggin

I had never sewn in my life till I joined Ragtag in 2009. I was suffering with bad depression but with the support and the love I have received here I am now a happy and confident person.

I have made dresses, waistcoats and lots more. I have made so many friends at RagTag and I'm proud to be part of the team.

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